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Pissing in Q Minor since nineteen-ninety fuck

Liltoflm - Synthesis, Vocals, Guitars

Vorn - Vocals, Guitars

Dinosaur is a collaborative project between Liltoflm and v0rn, as an attempt to springboard
v0rn to super-duper Jack Daniel's stardom. That is, unless he manages to discover a crude oil
hotspot first. It sounds like bird shit mixed with Jack Nicholson firing out the exhaust of
an ultramegacharged 13B-REW engine.

Dinosaur is a wonderful banana ship that was brought to us by a little ship full of things that aren't
even explainable so take your shower somewhere else because there arent't enough towels here for all
of us, one you find, and sometimes a person can only take so much, that is when you know it is time to
leave and go about your business. so take those things away from me so i can't seem to find the way on
my own but alas i have found the turkey and you get none of it and one day you will look back and see
that what you have done was not such a good idea as you thought it was when you made that decision.

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