Gazing through the crowd, I see hundreds of faces, mostly skulls
A woman turns to smoke

In my bed is a preparative orange sheet just in case my mind turns too fast while I sleep and my head comes apart
And in the brains could be a hole spreading wider and deader
Drawing in six thousand ceilings, all the dreams and nightmares collected
If you stare for too long, it will weld your mind shut

Thus this question: Whips, and man's devouring cause
To dream: Why delay? Why not instead do?
In a spirit's true name one can find power
You must exist inside and outside a thing simultaneously and with no definition to become it
There is no merit in being a couchslug or a boozesucker or a childshitter or a pigterrorist or a deskjockey

They think they're invincible in their steel and glass coffins, rushing around killing each other
I often believe you could shoot one in moving traffic and no one would notice for a moment
Moment enough

All imaginals
You have to go the whole way through
Make them bite the bit and scream
Or else your deathtonation is the same

A dog turns into a car that is also a sex toy and shaves your asshole so that you don't get shitlint all over it
Maybe the plants and earth will consume us
Maybe someone will have the house fumigated with their fuck-up daughter passed-out drunk in a closet upstairs

I cross the street while trying not to melt into the cheesebreast of the city and its people
A man screams harder and harder into his cellular phone until he finally bursts into flames, screaming in agony until he finally dies
The waiting cab driver prostitute co-worker friend doctor wife agent all look for half a second then turn and move on to BIGGER and BETTER
Small and ignored, people bump into me and inconvenience me daily, but I have nothing for them to rape and take from me

Suddenly, a drunk cop protects and serves me with the front bumper of his shiny car
My body floats into the air, end over end, but gravity doesn't take effect
The sack I was holding and the salvation inside hit the ground and turn to dust years later
The shell that housed my thoughts continues out into infinity, never to be seen againnnnnnnnn

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