Stream Of Consciousness


Monkeys one day pull themselves against a scale and discover that they've “weighed” themselves in space. They then become addicted to steroids and decide to take over the world below them. However, having no further intelligence, small balls rendered via the steroids, and somethingelseIforgot, their only way of doing so is to throw their own feces hard and accurate enough to kill. A headshot will certainly destroy anyone not wearing a helmet. And vampires. Vampires are crucial. Senseless gore. For the ending, a deus ex machina. The monkeys are out terrorizing and fucking shit up, killing people, when suddenly they enter a bar or arena and a band is playing on stage with all kinds of fucked-up frontpersons and extras. Chaos of all and any sorts ensues, then the universe implodes as viewed externally via evil entities in a strange room that has a cool view.

Elbow-Typing Only

k p[;dfzhg gpcx cyfex carcinator s-peel; po tge o9ee top-

Prayers, Chants, Quotes

Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen

”…For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great - you have no power over me.”

“Return to my own vomit like a dog
Rhymes and giggles muffle the dialogue
Carve my initials in a tree, I will never leave
Maybe one day I'll be royalty”

Old as a witch's dick
Cold as a warlock cock

Stage Ensemble Notes

Patrick Batemans (hand out business cards)
Covered in bees
Some wearing dresses/drag, some wearing suits
Gimp suit / leather / corn starch


Animism. Palsy. Mollusks. Freezerburn. Something with jellyfish stinging small children. Small aborigine children. Dreamtime. Australia. Elanor Rigby. Al Gore. Love affair? Latex allergy. A man who force-feeds geese to become foie gras. The life story of foie gras. From liver to feces. MR. CREOSOTE! What is eggs benedict? Soon, soon, soon. I have come to ravage fire, to soil life and predict aiur. Travel lands and ruined hands like hair stunk up with the very same factory fumes. Sallowed skin and ill complexxxxxxion at just above minimum waging. Drowning in and pissing in an ocean of piss. Who's spaghetti? Lemonade. I need more, denser, crackier on the snarier, pleasier. Mother won't you help? I am reality. Yeah you're getting raped you get raped even in your dreams and there ain't no going back. Welcome to endless hate. I can make the five monsters appear with a grain of salt and carrot boogers. Necronomicon. I am the goddess Inana, trapped in a looking glass for 300 years, freed by my lover. Reincarnated to a world of shallow materialism and hollow pursuits. I long for the days of slaughter of the mindless, souless masses. The days of absolute terror and annihilation. A world given to apathy like a slave thrown to the lions. Raped by the deities of vanity and greed.

Creosote + 416 lb man
Who is on bottom?
Who holds pail?
Creosote on bottom
Garcon holds pail



1: Women Are always bitching because then man wants to do something… ” I don't want you to go do what you want to do because i need you here with me to fullfil my bullshit needs”« what is really being said here is … you dont get to go anywhere because if you do i will be angry with you for not sitting here and being bored with me instead of going out and doing something fun.. That women needs to get a life because if she were the one that wanted to go out and do something and the man said no she would pitch a bitch and go all boohoo you don't let me do anything.blah blah blah..and she would go do it anyway. so either way the male loses.BULLSHIT and any man who sits by and lets this happen is not a man but a pussy wipped little bitch that neds to be slapped into his rightful place as the provider of the family … as it was back in the old days when everything was good

The Above statement is not always true sometimes you think that your female wants you to sit around and do nothing with them but on the inside they are really thinking “man i'm so fucking bored why doesen't he want to do antything” This is where you have to think…. communication! so if she doesn't know what you want to do and you don't know what she wants to do then you will be forever damned to sit and be bored.

and for those females that want to cheat and lie about it you will get yours because how i see it is that is blatent disrespect on the female's part because unlike males they can control their sexual urges.and if this female wants to do that they should atleast tell the truth when they are confronted about it and tell the whole story without flaw. So i have
decided with my currentrelationship that ill wait for it all to fizzle out and then go get some anwsers

What can you do for me I want to make you plead you asked for this indirectly i took your hint hey look you let me… you cant get away. now im gonna make you suck dicks all day you should have turned around and ran now open your
legs and let me tie you down HeY! you look like a helpless animal ….What?…What? you dont feel comfortable what do you want me to do i already tightened the knots … … …. ….i think we'll do what i want since you really have no way to do anything about it ..”screams”…too bad nobody cares!!! your mine and theres nothing you can do..shut up ..oh well fuck it ..this sock is going down your thats better now its quiet except for the moans and half ass attempts to scream….I really think i've lost my mind its in a trirl and fuck that girl…nobody is ever gonna understand whats in the middle man… cum inside and scoop it up with your hands like a shovel put it in your mouth and gargle…swollow hard you like that!.,.,.you can just lie there as i smoke some weed and wait for you to stop the bleed.. twig twig twig damn the jig we all got the fizunk and gotta take a dizump…on your chest..we from Japan bitch you dont have nothin on our gangsta poo.

You Lied Too many tears have been cried for you; too many nights all alone… I sit in the darkness - warm, tender summer night holding, embracing the coldness inside me but I cannot be happy because you’re not with me. I’m a fool - you are somewhere with somebody else, I am hurt, but I still keep my faith. You did tell me you loved me, Then you changed your mind; Over and over again. I’m alone because whatever I need can’t be found in anyone, Not even you - and you lied to me, You cheated And expected me to be your lover, Yours for ever. I’m alone because I can’t forget those tears shed for sadness in infinite happiness all around me; I’m alone because I don’t want you - And yet I do

Happieness HAHAHAHA well when you find that let me know because ill come to that place and shoot myself. if i cant be happy all the time with this shit life that i am blessed with because nigger jew jesus died blah blah blah . i am about thirty two seconds from ripping my fucking head off and throwing it as someone that even looks remotley happy. although i can't bitch about life as a whole because there are those select few times where everything went just how i wanted it to and then was followed by imediate failure. everytime something good happens tenthousand bad things happen to set the universe straight.i think what i really need is to swollow about ten hits of acid and get really drunk then go around and show everyone how i really feel.ill try to explain how that would go, let me think………..probably something like this……BANG BANG BANG x10000000000…..

whoever reads this you have to like shoot me if i get myself back into some meaningless relationship with some little girl that has no idea what she wants because undecided decisions is one thing that just makes me want to SCREEEEEEEAM i am a very impatience person i need quick results. Not to the point where i honk as soon as the light turns green but there IS only like a 6 second delay. i believe that has an effect on my short temperednedss wich i have been controlling latley cause i have been writing this damn thing «<FUCK YOU WORDPAD»> but really this doesn't help at all and im just really mad on the inside and the littlest thing will piss me off.

Show you my explosion, sweet sixteen. Baby baby what can I do? I'm hungry for anger, a hunger for lust. Lust for life, lust for blood. Lust to make the colors run. Rust away this past on fire, making way for love desired. Leather looks great with cum on it. I am a fucking inferno yes I am the entity. I pave the way for those close behind, leaving flame for they that lag too far. Destroyed by hesitation. Yesiamavictimofabasketballjones. Hot hot the snow is hot cold cold the fire's cold.


This concludes our brilliant deduction of the wild black heart.

I only feel alive when I am facing death, inside the music, or fucking. Do you ever feel like that? Do you? AAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I live underground so I don't have to put up with your filth. I don't care about flying anymore. You can all fucking keep it, right there next to your happy. All there is is one.

Get off the phone or I will fucking destroy you. Goddamnedfuckingeyes can't see shitpiss. Everybody's so fine… and they don't need me.
doo dood ood oodoododododddodooododododododo fly on top of house for the time being thrn take the subway there and then there again for some time the fire will be out and you will have to walk around the snake to cupcake the monster ballads for your sanity depends on it, if it becomes to much then you know that you have gotten to far and you should most defiantly not go that way until the gate keep tells you that it is time for flames, next time you fly there you will have to make a small contribution for the masses to reunite into one fagot that will follow you around and take pictures of everything you do until you are dead and after death you will fall for a thousand moons until the reach is goal sometimes if you look real close the milk man will give you three wishes and then you can make things happen in time you will make it to there in time you will take it to there some ppl don't quite understand hoe down charlie but you would have to grown up with him and then and only then will you be able to see the deep rooted fear that is made of marshmallows and if that fire ever makes flies and flurries you know that it is over.

oh grandma i miss you and wish i could shoot my load all the way to outer space

highhohighho can i have your passwords please
it is imperative to my mission
you must give them
or you shall be
Africa Africa bring me some magi-ca
captain smith is her to save the day
Africa pork mi tie
rainbow puke
thank god for striking out in the great ocean front infinity pull with a swim up bar
so u are
well hate fills the air and noone is around to smell it
dinosaurs fill the hall for the movie and watch for hours while they make blood babies full of danishes for the sometime other time and then more time they aren't there because if they were there wouldn't be

well i understand that there could also be some sort of science behind that but a something is for the sometimes and then there would also be none. you know how hungry they must be they asked 5 times for the difference in change but i just couldn't bring myself to give it to him then i too that change and spent it on something, something that would not have been bought if i had given that some sortof something that would make a person like you just want to take your life door to the shredder for all the people said “please make something for me to eat because it has been days since i seen anything that looked as good as you” and on the fourth day Denise said fuck me Jesus i haven't had any for years.

you are the one that makes my face lift worthwhile and the drugs that i got from the man down the street make my Pepsi taste so much better when I'm fucking your girl till she asks me to stop because she is bleeding out of her socks

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