Space Pirates

Bill Nye has always wanted to go to outer space. After sending letters to NASA every years since he was first able to and being rejected again and again, he has almost lost faith in his stellar dream.

One day, he gets a visit from representatives of a small group calling themselves “Giygas”. They offer Nye into a plan they have concocted that will take the lot of them into space on an orbiting station with the financial aid from Nye.

Unbeknownst to Nye, Giygas is a pirate gang with plans to hold Earth hostage with a (microwave beam?) laser they have been developing for quite some time. Bill goes along with the plan, tapping his life's savings and maybe even borrowing some in hopes of fulfilling his lifelong dream.

The team puts the ship together in a private hangar (big music - lots of grinding, welding, etc). Next shot is a big exterior shot of a take-home box crudely made into a craft. The group is proud, Nye and maybe even his family (Grandma Bones) are ecstatic. Nye has a goodbye fuck with grandma (she catches fire/bursts into flames from the friction).

Mysterious Dr. Crsdio appears to Bill as he is out nightwalking and warns him against trusting the Giygas, as they are only using him to meet their evil agenda. Nye is apprehensive and disregards him, moving quickly on his way. After hearing a loud strange noise, he runs back to the alley, but it is now empty.

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