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 +====== Don't Drop Your Cat ======
 +[{{ :wiki:pictures:cat.jpg?250x175|Do you see what happens, Larry?}}]
 +Curtis and I are in this beautiful wooded area. Everything is green and lush. The trees had stalagmites instead of leaves. I'm wandering around holding a cat. I can't put it down or else I'll drop dead. So, I'm looking for Curtis to tell him him I love him and good-bye because I'm sick of fighting this fucking cat. I'm asking all around and a Gnome informs me that you have dropped your cat and he regrets that he must be the bearer of this tragic news. Upon hearing this I let the cat go which has been fighting me this entire time. As soon as I release the cat it rebounds off my chest slo-mo kung-fu style flying backwards, pulls out a huge gun and blows my head off. So please don't drop your cat.
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