I had a dream that me and liltoflm were playin a sort of soccer game with a golf club…liltoflm waved his wand and a magical course appeared funnything is there were big deer looking things that were getting shot by hunters while we were playing the game. somone stuck makeup in their butt and shat it out. not sure what was going on but then all of a sudden we were in a room and the ceiling broke apart and millions of tiny spiders came out of the cracks and carried us away.and somehow we are in a race track and i'm racing around in a monte carlo with a stero that i had previously stolen out of Brittney's car …. we race and race and race then at the end of the race the car flies out of the picture leaving me sitting on the ground.I really aught to turn the tv off before i fall asleepbecause all the cartoon songs were playing durring the duration of the dream and that just creeps me out.

Driving a car, my brother wants to borrow my dick to fuck a hooker with, before she'll do something for him, can't remember what. He may have been pimping her out. I really didn't want to let him borrow it, too much risk involved. That and a strange mental picture of my “disconnected” dick with a condom on it.

This morning in one of the dreams I had, I was with a green-eyed girl who had long brown hair, in front of a sink in a kitchen somewhere, and we kissed, and then I told her I was so glad she did, because I hadn't had a real kiss in three years, and that she reminded me that I wasn't dead. She walks away and seems upset that I said that.

Last night I couldn't sleep. 2 a.m. and I couldn't sleep worth shit. As I sat awake staring blankly at nothing, and for no reason inparticular a random memory forced itself into my head. I hate it when this happens. The more and more I thought about it, it occured to me, this one little memory, this little insignificant piece of my childhood, is the earliest I can recall of ever having any sort of feeling, at all. Of all the feelings I could have felt, out of everything, I felt shame. I was 6. I was ashamed of myself. You see, in some elementary schools they have this stupid little Christmas bullshit where kids get to bring in gifts for other kids, and then they draw names and exchange their gifts with one another. Images of badass-super-fuckin'-mega-cool action figures danced in my head all evening, in hopes that I would indeed be giving, as well as receiving, one of these said figurines. Well, ignorant to the fact at this time, my family was completely poor, and of course we couldn't afford that bogus bullshit. (I mean like macaroni-and-cheese mixed with some different kind of vegetable everynight for dinner poor, you get three squares of toilet paper each time ya shit kind of poor) So, the next morn I was sent packing with a bundle of pencils as my 'gift'. Yes, fucking pencils. I was ashamed. I ditched the pencils on the way to school, as if it fucking mattered, I could've just kept them just as well, but anyways, when I arrived at school I explained to the teacher that I had forgotten all about gift day. Yeah right, like a six-year-old forgets about gift day - fuckin' wrong. She didn't buy it, but still didn't say anything. So, while all the other little shits were playing with their badass toys, I sat there by myself, with nothing… But alas! That was soon taken care of, because here comes little miss teacher, with a gift for me! I hastily unwrapped it to find… a bundle of fuckin' pencils… so, there you have it, I just made you waste a shitload of time, unless you're a fast reader, in that case, fuck you. And yes, I know plenty of families were poor and I'm a fucking cry-baby-ass-pussy, fuck off. Fuckin' pencils.

Sitting in the stands, suddenly large rocks are falling from the sky. I look in the distance and see a kid throwing them at us. He is crushing people. We chase him down and I roar that we should stone him to death. By the time we get to him, he is a dented-in car stereo. I bring down the large metal object from over my head and finish him off.

Curtis was in a suit, drove there in a government vehicle. Jumped out as it hit something, yelling at some chick, hailing a cab like this (flicking fingers strangely with hand pointed down to ground). Cab stops four cars away, then you woke me up.

Curtis takes apart TV then has two lesbians put it back together because he didn't know how. While they do so, he shows me pictures of one of the lesbian's burnt penis that had a line burnt into it from being in the oven. He tells me this while sitting on a throne of made K'Nex with a raceway running around it.

Dreamt that I had remote control of a car via the internet and was driving a car that was up ahead of Scott going down the highway. I start veering around in my lane, ha ha dingdong then floor it and start weaving through traffic, until I accidentally clip into the left rear of a van and it starts a huge pileup and I keep smashing into more people. As Scott is UHhhhhng and “Oh shit…” I back away from the controls and realize it was real and wonder if my insurance will go up now.

At pizza hut playing claw machine tore side window off found peice of paper that had a pop up of pornagraphic pictures of all the pizza hut girls with people holding them up in the air while they got peed on and were peeing on themselves.

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